History of the Aeon Flux game for Windows computers, Third attempt made the game developer The Collective

Third Attempt

This attempt at making a game about Aeon Flux was meant to be published by GT Interactive and partially developed by The Collective, using a version of the Unreal Engine.

The Collective even had some screenshots on their website for a while, originally embedded inside a flash animation.
I was not able to obtain specifics about why this attempt at the game failed. I sent email to several magazines, online and print, to find out more about why the project got canned. Only one media outlet (GrrlGamer.com) responded. They were unable to find out more (hey, at least they took the time to respond). Attempts to contact The Collective were fruitless... they were not responsive in the least.

Thankfully, I was given some character model shots from the game by a kind soul, so I'm displaying them here.

The Collective have merged with another company, Barebone Entertainment, to form Foundation 9 Entertainment.